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Licensed Pawnbrokers!
Gemini Jewellers of Sheerness are a fully licensed pawnbrokers that specialist in pawnbroking offering competitive rates and easy payment plans.
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Custom made Jewellery in Sheerness, Sheerness Custom made Jewellery, Swale Custom made Jewellery, Sheppey Custom made Jewellery

Made to Order

Jewellery Made to Order!
Gemini Jewellers has extensive knowledge in jewellery design and creation and can easily and cost effectively create your ideal dream on-off jewellery piece for all occasions.
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Jewellery and watch Repairs in Sheerness, Sheerness Gold Jewellery Repairs, Swale Gold Jewellery Repairs, Sheppey Silver Jewellery Repairs

Jewellery Repairs

High Quality Jewellery Repairs!
Gemini Jewellers skilled and experienced craftsmen can restore and repair that treasured jewellery piece to all its former glory. Most repairs are done on site and are all guaranteed.
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Isle of Sheppey Jewellers & Pawnbrokers!

Licensed Pawnbrokers in Sheerness, Gold Repairs in Sheepy, Silver Repairs in Swale, Jewellery Repairs in Sheerness, Watch specialist in Sheerness

Gemini Jewellers is a trusted family run business that has been trading for over 25 years on the Isle of Sheppey.

We aim to provide a one-stop-shop for all your jewellery requirements.

We offer new and second hand jewellery and a wide range of top quality watch's at excellent rates with the payment scheme options.

We carry out jewellery repairs on site and we are a fully licensed Pawn Brokers offering 6 month loans on Gold and Diamond Jewellery.

We also fit batteries and straps to most watches and carry a range of watches to include (but not limited to) Citizen Watches, Sekonda, Timex, and Limit Watches ranging from £9.95 - £400.

Contact Information

32 High St, Sheerness
Kent, ME12 1NL
Phone: 01795 661404
Fax: 01795 000000

Citizen Watches

  • Citizen Watches at Gemini Jewellers Sheerness along with all other types of watches like skonda, Timex and Limit Watches